Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wat happen to me?

Hey I am Tyrone C. Love and now I am in jail. im gona tell you how did I get here. Everything was awesome we start to sell drug and we fast became in the top of the drug seller in our town. We where ritch and then it happen there was no mor big drug dealer in town, everyone was locking for their drug. I lost all the money I made during the last month on my personal consummation. So Harry and me we decide to go in Florida to buy so we can resell it here, but during the trip Harry get an infection to the arm and we need to go to the hospital. In the hospital we both get cut by the police and fall in jail. I don’t know where is Harry he left the prison because of his arm. Wat a night mare.

Sara Goldfarb's point of view

I was so happy that my young kid Harry Goldfarb gets a job and it look like to be a good job. I don’t know wat he is importing but he look like to love his new job. And these last weeks he looks like to pay moor attention to me. He com visit me moor often and he buy me a new television he so cute with his girl friend they look so happy. I can’t believe that I will go on TV this is my dream for ever. But I must loose weight to fit in my red dress. How beautiful I was when I was wearing my red dress and I am goanna get slim and where my red dress on TV then I goanna say how I am pride of my soon and his girl friend so the entire world will know how I am happy.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Corpse Bride

This week i watch a movie called Corpse Bride, this movie was awesome. It an animation movie make shoot by shoot with dolls. Yes this movie is more for kids but during the movie I let my self go in the wonderful universe showed on the screen. The story was all about a young man called Victor forced by is family to marry a girl that he never meets. Both of the two young person engaged where really scared to marry a pure stranger. But when they first meet they failed in love for each other. At his wedding Victor was so shy that he was even not able what he need to say to engage is self. During the night Victor flee out the house to practice his wedding alone in the wood. But he accidentally put the rig on something that was locking like a finger. Well … It was really a woman finger. So this is the story of how Victor a young living men marry a dead women. But this is not the end of the movie; during the rest of the movie Victor try to get out of the world of the dead to go back to is true love.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Malcolm in the middle

TV Journal Assignment No.1

Malcolm in the Middle
Every Sunday at 7:00PM on Fox channel

Malcolm in the Middle is a story about the “normal” American family. The main character is Malcolm with his Mom, Dad and his three brothers (Francis, Reese and Dewey). When the show starts the family looks normal, but after a few minutes there is always a strange situation that makes the family gogo crazy. In the show the younger brother (Dewey) is smarter than his father and the big brother (Francis) is in military school. An in this crasy world the main character, Malcolm, is the only normal person in this famely.